A forum to discuss the Algorithmic Number Theory Conference and its proceedings

This is a public forum for people to suggest and discuss opinions about the proceedings of the ANTS conference.  I hope that an open, respectful and focussed discussion can take place.

The main topic is the publication model for the proceedings of ANTS.

To recall: The first 9 conferences had pre-proceedings published in Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science.  The 2012 conference has post-proceedings published (open access) by Mathematical Science Publishers.  See the conference webpage for further details.  It will be interesting to see how this goes.

There are several possible options to consider:

– continue with Mathematical Science Publishers
– revert to Springer LNCS
– try to have the proceedings published as a special issue of a journal (which one?)
– move to a book series by another publisher, such as AMS Contemporary Mathematics

Some factors to consider in the choice:

– respectability and citation indexing for mathematicians
– respectability and citation indexing for computer scientists
– cost
– open access?
– pre-proceedings or post-proceedings?

Please add your comments/suggestions/opinions to this post.